Dell Latitude C610 - sold
    Intel Pentium III SpeedStep 1,2Ghz/800Mhz, 512k L2 cache, core Tualatin
    512Mb pc-133 memory
    60Gb Seagate Momentum 5400rpm ATA/100 disk
    Matsushita DVD-RW
    5700mha refurbished battery
    14.1" 1400x1050 SXGA+ tft screen
    Ati Mobility M6 agp 16Mb vram video card
    4mbit fir compatible irda
    two cardbus/pcmcia type II slot
    Broadcom 802.11b/g mini-pci wireless card
    3Com 3c905 integrated fastethernet controller
    Ubuntu 8.04

Compaq DeskPro 6000
    Pentium II 333Mhz 512k cache
    128Mb memory
    10Gb ide disk
    Teac 32x scsi cdrom 
    Teac 6x scsi cdrw
    Ati Rage Pro turbo agp video card
    Ti-lan fast-ethernet
    integrated adaptec ultra fast scsi controller
    integrated ess audio controller
Compaq StorageWorks enclosure
    12 slot UltraWide backplane
    ra4100 raid controller with fiber channel interface and 64Mb of cache
    redundant power supply
    8x 9Gb ultrawide disk
    4x 4.5Gb 10k rpm ultrawide disk

Commodore Amiga 4000 - sold
    A3640, 68040 25@33Mhz
    16Mb memory
    6Gb ide disk
    mitsumi 8x ide cdrom
    Retina Z3 4Mb, 24bit zorro III graphic card
    Ariadne 10mbit combo zorro II eth
    Multiface card 3 zorro II serial/parallel card
    AmigaOs 3.5, Linux Debian 3.0r1
Commodore SX-64 - Donated to Matto68  

Ncr 3434 model 2000
    Intel 486DX @ 33Mhz
    48Mb memory
    2x330Mb scsi disk + 1,2Gb scsi disk
    ncr fast scsi II p-bus controller
    3com 10mbit combo mca eth
    Sco Opendesktop 3.x
    hostname Woland
Cisco 1405
    4Mb flash memory
    24Mb memory
    1 ATM-25 port
    1 aux port
    1 console port
Cisco 2503
    2Mb flash memory
    8Mb memory
    2 DB60 sync 2mbit serial port
    1 aui ethernet port
    1 aux port
    1 console port
Cisco 2610
    8Mb flash memory
    32Mb memory
    1 wic-1T DB60 module sync/async 2mbit serial port
    1 wic-1ADSL module
    (spare) 1 wic-2T module smart serial port
    1 ethernet port
    1 aux port
    1 console port
    hostname Gomma

Cabletron ELS100-24TXM
    24 fastethernet port
    2 fastethernet 100sx fiber port
    support trunking, vlan tagging, snmp query, spanning tree, port mirroring
    serial/telnet/web managment
3X Nbase NH-2025-GE
    24 fastethernet port
    1 gigabit 1000sx fiber port
    support etherchannel, vlan tagging, snmp query, spanning tree, port mirroring
    serial/telnet managment
3Com Corebuilder 2500
    2x 8 port ethernet module plus a spare 8x fiber ethernet module
    1 fastethernet port module
    1 atm 155mbit fiber port module
    modular layer 3 switch/bridge, support etherchannel, vlan tagging, snmp, spanning tree, port mirroring, etc
    serial/telnet managment
    dual power supply
3Com SuperStack II 1100
    24 ethernet port
    1 fastethernet port
    support vlan tagging, snmp, spanning tree
    serial/telnet managment
HP AdvanceStack Switch 2000 (J3100B)
    3x 4 fiber ethernet port module
    2x 2 fastethernet port module
    support etherchannel, vlan tagging, snmp, spanning tree, port mirroring
    serial/telnet managment
    dual power supply

Acer Aspire 1300 - sold
    AMD AthlonXP-M 1500 (1400Mhz)
    384Mb memory (16Mb used by Via/S3 Twister graphic chipset)
    20Gb ide disk
    Toshiba ide dvd-rom
    realtek 8139 10/100 integrated
    14.1" tft 1024x768 display
    Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" 7.04
Acer Travelmate 212tx - sold
    Intel Celeron @ 800Mhz
    504Mb memory (512 really, but 8Mb reserved for the crappy cyberblade video chip)
    20Gb ide disk
    unknow ide dvd (not original)
    realtek 8139 based 10/100 cardbus eth or usrobotics prism II based wifi pcmcia (this damned laptop has _only_ one
    pcmcia/cardbus slot and, of course, was not shipped with an integrated eth)
    14.1" tft 1024x768 display (really good, the only one thing at decent level in this crappy made laptop)
    Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" 7.04
    hostname Lucretia
Acer Extensa 355
    Intel Pentium mmx @ 133Mhz
    48Mb memory
    4.2Gb ide disk
    external pcmcia 20x ide cdrom
    axis 10/100 pcmcia eth
    us-robotics pcmcia wifi
    2x3400mAh battery pack
    10" (?) dstn screen, 800x590 (weird resolution, the only way to squeeze 16bit color depth from the c&t video chip) 16bit
    Linux Slackware 7.1
    hostname Kernel